Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My lowdown and my shame

Well, I woke up at the usual time. 6:30 on the dot. (Usual meaning usual as per the past week.)

First, I panicked. "Oh shit, I need to go run and if I don't run now, I won't be able to make it to work on time. Bollocks. How cold is it right now?"

And then, I realize, wait, it's my day off today. Oh, and right. I can't even go for a run because my left calf muscles are all knotted.

I couldn't go back to bed so I made breakfast, read some of my running book and then headed out to walk on the seawall for 40 minutes.
It was nice; The sun was peaking out and I hadn't been on the seawall to exercise for more than a week so it was very refreshing.

I've also been really emotional (that's an understatement) all afternoon, contemplating about some personal issues, mulling over options, etc, etc.

The fact that I can't even run today to let the frustration out is even more upsetting. Running is the time when I plan my day, reflect and come up with solutions to problems I may have. But no, not today.

I'll post later. Ugh. Frustrations.

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