Sunday, April 24, 2011

The day of chocolate and meat: Epic Meal Time.

With my alarm (my sister) waking me up at 7, we headed for the gym. After five minutes, I wanted to leave but I just kept going. Today's the first day of this challenge and I wasn't about to give up. I did about 25 minutes on the treadmill today, doing intervals (nothing like HIIT for fat burn) on a very high incline (I switch from 8.5 to 15).
Recounting every moment in the past when I've started something and gave up would take forever so to put it shortly, I have been running for 3 years or so. I also struggled with balance in nutrition and weight for four/five years with a very distorted focus on food.

This blog will hopefully help me with my goals and keep me going.
With that said, I hope you enjoy my daily adventures, fitness rants, recipes, and occasional rage or happy vents about everything in life.

Loving this: Bad ass men and women, fiction or non fiction, I love them all. The shows, Nikita and Hawaii Five-0 are receiving a lot of love from me right now; Mainly because Nikita is such a bad bitch (with a hot body) and Steve McGarrett is a sex god with killer personality. You can probably grate cheese on his abs.

I love you, Nikita. Seriously sexy.

And you, McGarrett. Can you exist in real life so we can get married?

Lunch today was great. Peas, a bed of brown rice, cauliflowers. Tofu with quick teriyaki sauce. Squeeze of lemon juice with salt and pepper. Delicious and so filling.


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