Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A New York state of mind

I'm going to be like this in NYC, everyday for 16 days!

You can just IMAGINE how excited I am about my trip to New York City. 6 more days and I'll be on that plane (if only that trip was one-way) to the Big Apple.

Here's my list of things to do so far:
- Union Square Park visit
- Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and have pizza at Grimaldi's
- Go shopping at Bedford Avenue
- Go to Julliard's School at Lincoln Center and watch a dance show
- Be gently coerced by my friend from New York to do naughty things
- Eat donuts at The Doughnut Plant on Grand Street with my friend and her NYPD boys
- Seduce a NY policeman
- MomaMoMaMoma, of course. Moma. (Free admissions on friday nights!)
- Go take pictures on every damn street
- Picnic at Central Park
- Go for runs in New York
- McQueen exhibit at Met Museum's Costume Institute
- Shoe shopping and a LOT of it

I'm still in the process of making more additions to this list. I haven't included my "restaurant" list because it's WAY too long. Let's just say there will be a lot of burgers, cheesecake and more burgers. (I have to find the best burger in New York. Obviously.)

If anyone else has suggestions, I will gladly jot them down.

Now I won't be going THAT crazy with the food in NYC because I still want to maintain my current diet at a healthy level. Additionally, I want to try my best to squeeze some runs during my trip.

Of course, I know full well that there is no way I could run 3 miles every morning during this trip (or...could I?!) but there is no reason not to try my best to incorporate a ton of exercise in.

Anyways, this morning was amazing. I got up, checked my emails, made a fresh pot of coffee and went for my run.
What I did at the gym:
- 2.70 miles (HIIT at incline 7.0)
- 10 push-ups
- 30 crunches
- 30 bicycle crunches
- 30 leg lift crunches
- 30 chest flies

Loving this: David Sedaris's book, 'When You Are Engulfed in Flames'. A mosaic of short essays about awkward moments. I started reading this on public transit and couldn't stop snickering. Note to self: do not read his books in public, ever. I am looking forward to his other books.

Not loving this: Oh please, PLEASE, Vancouver. Please show me some sun. I want to go on a long run on the seawall.


  1. Does this mean you are taking a breather from vegan life

  2. I'm still deciding, I MIGHT have some things that aren't vegan but I'm going to keep that to a minimal.

  3. I love nyc. I love the beautiful comforting anonymity, all the glorious city smells of wonderful things and then how you can round the bend and be smacked in the face with the pungent odor of sewage. I love the excitement of what's next and how when i see the rock mass from the sky I get butterflies in my stomach. Oh you lucky girl <3 Have a wonderful glorious experience.

  4. Hi L,

    Do you have any recommendations for NYC? I'm running out of ideas although I'm sure everything will change when I get there!