Friday, May 27, 2011

Bad girl, bad bad bad!


Just ran my first 5k since I've been back from NYC and it felt so good. I could have kept going and would have kept going but I know better than to push myself right now.

Post workout Power snack would be:
Cottage cheese, chopped almonds, raisins, ground flax seeds and one honey date.


So my friend pointed out a couple of days ago that I've been really slacking on this blog. It's not the only thing I've been slacking with. I've been really inconsistent with my runs.
I'm taking tentative note and making subtle changes. Things don't usually happen all at once and it takes a lot of time and effort to accomplish something.

I usually write down all my runs on my iCalendar as well as on a separate documents (one online and one offline). Seeing my iCal pop up every morning reminding me I haven't run this day and that day has made me feel really guilty.

Which makes me feel more motivated to start running every morning again. I look back at my past runs for the past two months and it's religiously noted that I ran every morning 6/7am for 6 days a week.

If I had motivation back then, I can do it again. Not that my urge to run has run dry (no pun intended), no. With my training for the half marathon day looming (June 1st), I can't wait a day longer to get my body used to the surge of adrenaline and energy.

People have asked me and quipped in their two cent in about my half marathon goal.
"Why don't you just do a 5k or even start with a 10k? Don't you think that's a bit more feasible?"

Yes, it's true. Maybe I should start with something small but I have this naive habit of attempting things that may seem a bit too challenging. And perhaps I should start with something easy but I really want to do this. The whole focus is to stay on track stride forward (literally and figuratively).
Who doesn't love a challenge?

As for the diet, I've been having some good days and bad days. The tendencies to binge and over eat without the compensation of exercising have been happening a lot lately ever since I got back from New York.

Takes time but I'm working on it.

Loving this: I made my own almond butter. And it's GOOOOOOD.

Loving this 2: Girls night tomorrow at my friend's new apartment. Making dinner and drinking wine like the classy girls we are.

Loving this 3: Got into my backup option program for school. Every gal needs a plan B.

Homemade almond butter. So easy to make; you just blend a cup of roasted almonds for 15 minutes. All you need is patience. 

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  1. Dont push to hard, just remember even a 15 minute run every day is better then nothing usually once your out there the willpower will come to you. You have to walk before you run boo