Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The blues in New York City

Rain was here in New York this morning and all afternoon. This does not mean that you have to forego all plans and stay at home with a nice cup of tea. No.
We were determined to make things happen.

Singing to pass the waiting time.

Singing Disney in public.

It probably would have been a good idea to go to Guggenheim and MoMA as planned but...we didn't.
It probably would have been a better idea to walk down to Bleecker and Perry street for a delicious cupcake from Magnolia Bakery rather than wait until I was starving. That also lead to over eating at Whole Foods. Oops. Oh well.

If it had not rained followed by changing of plans...
We probably would not have stumbled upon Union Square Park and familiarize ourselves with directions
We probably wouldn't be almost broke (kidding...but we did, indeed, shop a lot today)

Our little legs have been busy all day with walking, dragging and more walking. It was still fun despite the downpour.

The burst of blue on Broadway St. I really love fire escapes. 

My beautiful Lockheart bag.

Shake Shack, I will come for you. Soon.

Her disgusting buffalo "wings". 

That ain't a donut. It turned out to be an onion ring. And by ring, there was literally just ONE ring of onion in the filling.

We had our smiles on (except when I was hungry...I am NOT pleasant when my stomach's empty. Thanks for putting up with me today, sista!), our credit cards glistening and were ready for some heavy retail therapy.

We walked all the way down Broadway from W 34th to Duane St. then back up again.
This street along with 5th avenue is the shopping mecca of the world. Of course, 5th avenue is far more 'extensive' in 'expensive' wear. Broadway is a bit more affordable yet still so chic.

Tomorrow, we're going to start the best pizza in New York hunt. Going to eat and compare the best pizzerias. According to people I've spoken with, Grimaldi's (on Old Fulton St) is one of the best in New York. My sister and I are planning on doing our first NYC pizza tasting in Greenwich Village tomorrow.

Loving this: NYC. I do not want to leave. Ever.

Loving this 2: My new long chain necklace from Top Shop. Oui, j'adore.

Not loving this: I've decided to ease up on the vegan diet until I get back from NYC. It's almost impossible to be vegan when I'm out and about in NYC. Besides, what's NYC without a good slice of cheesy pizza?

Not loving this 2: I don't like that I've been slacking with my workouts. I ran this morning, 20 minute run and 20 minute walk. I just wish I had my gym... Le sigh.

Not loving this 3: Shake Shack's line up. The only reason why we ended up in Junior's (Blech!). We will make Shake Shack happen.

- Do not ever settle for anything that you don't know/haven't heard about. Aka. Restaurants. I made the mistake of dropping by Junior's near 8th Ave because we were both starving. Big. BIG mistake. Overpriced and tasteless burgers, not to mention greasy. (Do not go to Junior's, W 44th and 7th)

What to expect from next posts:
- Our adventures of Chelsea/Meatpacking District/Greenwich Village
- Dropping in at the Fashion Institute tomorrow to check out their museum
- Trial 1 of "Best Pizza Hunt in NYC" at Patsy's Pizzeria (318 West 23rd at 8th Ave)
- Who's the biggest fan of Sex and the City? Me. My sister and I are going to visit Carrie Bradshaw's apartment stoops in Chelsea. (Perry St.)
- BEST cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery (401 Bleecker St at W 11th)
- Chelsea Market in Chelsea (75 9th Ave at 15th St)
- More shopping in Greenwich Village
- and more.... :)

Thank you to all those who are reading my blog. I still can't believe people are reading this thing...*beams*

Okay, it's late (12:40 AM here). I am off to bed.


  1. How exciting! Love the pictures. Have fun pizza hunting today, can't wait to read the results of your finds. Have you guys been to doughnut planet yet?

  2. NO But I WILL MAKE SURE I DO. :D Thanks for remind me, lover.