Friday, May 6, 2011

New York Forever

You probably think we're tired, walking 8 hours a day.

Tired, yes. Disheartened? Never. We are enjoying every monument and building. I love even the homeless croaking crazies on the street. I really love this city. The symphony of colours, the vibes, sounds. It's such a beautiful song to me. I could listen to it all day, every day.

Yesterday, my sister and I did go to Greenwich Village, also called "the Village". We walked along Bleecker St and made a quick stop at Magnolia bakery to get a cupcake. Finger licking good although a tad bit too sugary.

After engulfing my Red Velvet cupcake (mmm!), we went to Perry Street to go sit on the Carrie Bradshaw's apartment stoops. Oh man, I was so thrilled since I am a HUGE Sex and the City fan. We posed, stood, sat and left.

Wandered down Bleecker some more, window shopped Prada, Burberry and Pucci. It was a lovely afternoon.

I did mention our pizza hunt. We had our first trial at Bleecker Street Pizza (Bleecker and 7th). It was tasty with the perfect amount of crust. I had cheese and my sister had the 'white' pizza. We are definitely making it a point to go back.

Up Thompson street we went and rested at Washington Square Park.

The whole day was lovely and it ended up at a tour of New York Public Library and dinner at Shake Shack!

- If you want the best burger you've ever tasted, go to Shake Shack. It gets incredibly busy (20-40 minute wait sometimes) at lunch time and around 6-7. Go around 5-5:30 and the line ups are not that long. I am definitely going back again before I leave. Nom nom nom.
- It's crucial you visit the Village when you're in NYC. The streets, the brownstone apartments are lovely. Hit up Bleecker for some credit card damage, really great shops.

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  1. New York looks so beautiful on a Sunny day.
    Truely in envy of your sex and the city adventures and the PIZZAA!!!!