Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sole Fever

Sole Fever. We really had that this morning and ended up going to the store in Times Square and buying three pairs of sandals right away before our big day.

With our fashionable new footwear, we headed down 7th Ave for lunch.

 With our Best New York Pizza Hunt in mind, we went to Pizza place number 2: John's Pizzeria (on Bleecker).
It was big, it was cheesy but it's not as great as I had hoped. The charcoal taste lingering on the crust was tasty mixed with the taste of cheese and mushrooms but... I still pick Bleecker Street Pizza over John's famed pizza pies. (They don't serve slices, by the way.)

After a huge lunch, we headed down to Broadway to shop some more.
Wait, I know what you're thinking, 'Are these girls only shopping and eating!?'
Well, to be honest with you...we've covered a lot so far. Of the eating and shopping part... Haha.

We've been putting off the museums for another day because it's been so nice out lately and should be spent visiting every single neighbourhood in NYC.

We've covered, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Midtown and Lower East side so far.

Anyways...after picking up a very swanky pair of Chucks (I love them so much. Holding on to these suckers for a long time), we headed up north west to walk the high line on Washington street. The high line? It's more of an aerial green walking area that runs on the west side of Manhattan. They call it a 'park' but I see more of it as place to take your date, go for a nice after-lunch promenade, sun bathe while reading a book kind of place.

My favourite, green fire escape. 

On the High Line.

Small dinner at Soy Cafe (Vegeterian/vegan) and off we went to catch our train.

My sister's: Apple, brie, turkey.

Mine: Tofu, Avocado, salad mix.

My mom's: Avocado, cucumber, chicken, dill.

Overall, a relaxed day, could have been more productive culture-wise.
The day is, of course, of utmost important when you're having a fun time with your family, learning more about each other and discovering a new city. I enjoyed my day so much.

- So far, our best pizza in NYC is Bleecker Street Pizza (on the corner of 7th and Bleecker).
- The High Line starts at Washington Ave and Gansevoort St. I enjoyed walking on the High Line, the view was great and looks like a great place to hang out with friends after lunch or relax at with a book. There are wooden beach style chairs so you can lounge about, tan and read. Go if you have time!
- Don't expect to find any 'decen't public washrooms in NYC. Be forewarned, every public washroom I've encountered is infected with odour and toilet paper littered all over the toilets. Your best bet is Starbucks...that way, you'll have some sort of decency and you'll be on your merry way.

What to expect from next posts:
- COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY (Yes, it is happening tomorrow!)
- Levain Bakery
- Mother's day dinner in NYC

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