Monday, May 2, 2011

Vacation time

It has finally come. The time when I leave for NYC. 

I had my bowl of breakfast which consisted of Nature's Path Synergy 8 grain cereal with 1 banana (chopped), 1 cup of almond milk and some raisins. 
Next time, I think I'll sprinkle some cinnamon, flax seeds and almond butter on it. 

Our plane leaves in 3 hours and my mom insisted that we leave the apartment at 4AM which I find unnecessary but what can you do... Sigh.

We're expected to arrive at 2PM in Toronto to switch flights. I love flights. 

I'm going to go now, pack some snacks for myself since I won't be eating the airplane food (my sister loves airplane food. She does not use the word, 'love', loosely...).

Loving this: My closet is going to be teeming with sun dresses and hopefully some vintage Pucci or Chanel when I come back from NYC.

Loving this 2: This is going to be me in New York:

Not loving this: So...I think I'm getting a cold. Correction, I think my sister and I caught the same cold. Although I don't sound as 'stuffed' as she does. I'm going to pray it's one of those morning things.

Not loving this 2: Our names are on the watch list. Grrrreat. That's going to be fun in the states.

I promise, I'll post soon. Probably tonight or tomorrow.



  1. Why are you on the watch list?

  2. Oh, that was super fun. Because someone else with our names are of threat to the country, I guess. North Koreans, perhaps, trying to fly in? I don't know but it was not a pleasant experience.