Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's Fresh

Today is a busy day indeed. I leave for New York City tomorrow morning at 4:00AM. I'm in frenzy packing mode or at least I need to be for the whole day; I have not even touched my closet. Procrastination is like masturbation...You'll love it until you realize you've f@#*ed yourself.

I'm going to have to step up my game all day. 

De-stressing myself with a huge bowl of cereal (banana, raisins, almond milk and Nature's Path Synergy cereal)

Must do list:
- Clean house
- Do a f*#$ load of laundry (sorry, I'm stressed and it's barely 7:30 in the morning)
- Copy down addresses/phone numbers of friends in NYC
- Finish itinerary list
- Pick out outfits
- Paint cards/gifts for family in NYC
- Pick up things from friend in New Westminster
- Finish workout plan for the two weeks in NYC

Okay, I can't write anymore. I'll probably update later but right now, I have to go rummage through my closet for something NYC appropriate (Who knows what that means).

Loving this: Quality time with quality people. Like last night. 

Loving this 2: My best friend was wearing something absolutely adorable yesterday. I inquired where she got the cute zip up jumper and I was startled by her response, "Superstore!" New fashion tidbit: There's a brand called "Joe Fresh" that's sold in Superstores. Upon research, I found out it's a Canadian label. The brand develops clothes (women, kids, men), intimates, swimwear, sunglasses, cosmetics and more. I am definitely checking this brand out when I come back.

Here's a sample:
Affordable, versatile and chic.

Loving this 3: I'm going to squeeze in some crunches (leg lift crunches, bicycle crunches, regular crunches) and push-ups. 

Not loving this: The fact that I impulsively bought bananas yesterday. Now I'm left with 5 bananas I have to finish in a day. Smoothies for the whole day I guess.

Not loving this: I've worked out for two weeks now with only one rest day a week. Today's supposed to be my rest day but I REALLY want to go running. I know today's well deserved since my legs are incredibly sore today but I dislike having this urge to go sprint.

Not loving this 2: (6:07PM) I hate packing. Hate. Abhor. Detest. Loathe. That is all.


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