Saturday, April 30, 2011

My motivation

I have become a fitness and health addict.

It's true. Nowadays, I step into a grocery store and can't seem to stop myself from steering myself over to the organic produce or admire the fitness bar sections. Instead of anticipating mounds of books, gift certificates, chocolate or anything else for Christmas, all I can think about is a pretty pedometer watch that I can utilize on my runs. Or some workout clothes from Lulu or Nike. New shoes (Nike+) would be awesome too.
But these are things that I'll probably get for myself. I can't wait that long, you kidding?

But to my surprise, Christmas or some sort of gift-giving holiday came early:
a) My new pedometer watch. It's the MIO Drive Petite Heart Rate watch. I couldn't wait to use it so I went for a run last night along the seawall. Ran all the way from the Cambie Bridge (Yaletown, Nelson St) to Stanley Park.
That's a total of 10.77 km or 6.69 miles.
- Accurate heart rate measures
- Has a stop watch
- Simple and somewhat easy to use.
- Shows how many calories I've burned

- I have to literally stop to get my heart rate
- Doesn't have the distance on the watch

b) A coffee mug with my love, the Eiffel Tower, drawn on it. And it's HUGE too.

Exercise for the day:
- 1 hour run: 8.48 km/5.26 miles

Oh, and there was a question regarding the smoothies that I drink. For nutritional value, I drink this smoothie that's made up of fruit, milk (soy or almond for me), flax seeds and spinach/kale. You can't even taste the kale or the spinach.
I usually add one cup of almond milk, 2 cups of spinach, 1 banana, 1/2 cup blueberries, 1 tbsp flax seeds. If I get bored, I put in different fruits.
I found there's a huge difference in my energy and it's extremely filling (great for post-workout drink)
**If I'm out of milk, I use juice.

Loving this: Speaking of watches, I really want a normal watch. They're so sexy. The only complaint I have is that men's watches are sexier. I think I'm going to go watch shopping in NYC. Something silver and sleek. Nothing dainty, cute or small please. Bring on the chunky time pieces. 

Some sexy watches I found:
Sexy Nixon watch 1. How sexy is this? Sleek, bold and will go great with a suit or even just a t-shirt.

- Nixon watch 2, sexy, a bit of sexy shine that will catch your eye

- Nixon watch 3, simple.

Citizen watch. The watch that exercises simplicity and dominance. I love this watch. 

Watches are great gift ideas for your boyfriends. Or for me. Haha. With this, there will be NO excuse to be late.

Not loving this: The Royal Wedding. What the hell. Why in God's name would you spend up to 70 million on a wedding? $315 000 dress? Check. $800 000 in flowers? Check. $32 million in security? Check. $78 000 sugary cake? Check. Seriously, your highness.
I'm sure it was absolutely can feed a country with that amount. It boggles my mind.



  1. Go for the black watch. Sexy

  2. I'm thinking about the second one. It's called "The Player"