Monday, June 13, 2011

This may be a curse

Today was a long one indeed, woke up and went to work. My body was running low on energy seeing that it was only fuelled by morning coffee and one apple for the entire day. And obviously, this made every single millisecond of my day gruelling.

This is not, however, a relapse of my eating disorder. I just forgot to pack my lunch on my rush to work in the morning and packed only two apples the night before as a snack for today.

Magically, at the end of my work day, my boss let me go home early. Met up with my friend for a quick chat before rushing off to make dinner.
- Fried tofu teriyaki with quinoa.
- Green smoothie
- Cereal with almond milk
(told you I was starving)

Unfortunately, I have not been able to train for my half-marathon yet. I'm still researching tons about the workouts, nutrition and different types of programs before I start. Moreover, as soon as training officially starts, I will be making separate posts about training. Day 1, day 2...and so forth.
I suspect this will begin in July or end of June.

Power reading started last night.
I've been a little study bug on my desk, researching and taking notes. Teehee.

Loving this: 

Summer. The beach. Bikinis. AHH! I love summer.

Not loving this: I think the Canucks are cursed when it comes to playing on Boston ice. I swear to god, nothing's working for them right now. I mean, they missed SO many open net chances in first period. What the hell, guys? But whatever, I'm still a believer that we can do this. Still 2 periods left, Canucks. You can do this.

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