Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vodka and maple syrup, ja!

Instead of going for my run yesterday night, I decided to hang out with my sister and her German boy. I was supposed to rest on sunday instead but I'll count yesterday as a rest day.
Pestered the German boy, L, to drink maple syrup and vodka...Because it's so Canadian, duh.

Anyways, went to bed later than I should have.
Of course... Couldn't wake up in time to go for my run this morning.

Does my little indulgence not result in consequences? Always does. I didn't even drink that much yesterday but I guess my fatigue and the alcohol just blended together. Along with this, my ankles have been aching lately.

Work today then (maybe) going to visit the girls. Rest day tomorrow (thank all Gods).

Loving this: This is for my girl, N. Awesome song I discovered last night!


  1. HAHA already know and LOVE that song as of last summer ! <3


  2. Whoa. He's easy on the eyes.