Monday, June 27, 2011


Running was not very successful this morning. My ipod decided to turn on and off on its own halfway through my run, setting me off-course and making my run down English Bay unnecessarily distracting.

Other distractions as well: I was supposed to meet someone this morning in the middle of my workout but did not see him.

To add to the already side tracked state, thinking about what I was going to eat and prioritizing my to-do list in my head, I was trying to fix my foot strike. I really want to do the mid-foot to ball method but I seem to be having a bit of trouble with figuring it out. I'm pretty sure I was forcing my feet to land on the balls of my feet but slightly below the balls.

I've also joked about my posture before, declaring myself as a T-Rex. I used to run like a dinosaur, arms and hands hoisted up to my neck / breast area until my sister noted that I looked ridiculous. And of course, this was all before my research about marathons / running / fitness, etc.

Total miles: 3.04
Max HR: 170 beats per minute
Average: 160 beats per minute

Aside from all that, it was a serene morning. Dulled the hunger pangs with a hemp kale smoothie when I got home. Deeelicious.

Will post later.


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