Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Winning Wednesdays

Despite being very good with saving money ever since I got back from NYC, I did indulge in a little overdue happy hours with my girlfriends. I couldn't help but be drawn by the temptations of girly cocktails and pleasant evenings out.
It was definitely a treat, after not drinking more than one glass of alcohol for two months before that.

First night would have been friday. I won't mention much else because that night was a bit chaotic.

Saturday: An adventure downtown. We didn't make it to the "Singles Party" but still had our own fun.

Monday: Assembled furniture and without a doubt, after polishing off two bottles, we were tipsy enough to think going downtown (on a monday!) was a good idea. Turned Despite walking around for a bit to find a bar with at least 3 people in it, we went to Society then George. Free shots and all that. It was lovely.

The cute jukebox at the diner (Templeton on Granville) the wife and I went to. 

Yesterday: Very light dinner with my best friend followed by a lychee-tini and thai food with my other best friend. It was lovely.

Today: We're going to win. I know it. (Hence the title) I'm probably not going to go out tonight to pinch a couple of pennies but who knows... I may just get excited.

Things to do today:
- Interviews
- Finish 4 chapters of Marathon book
- Return books to library
- Send email to admissions officer
- Run 2.5 miles
- Clean room/reorganize closet
- Rearrange file folder
- Finish 2 chapters of PR book
- Watch game with friends

First day being vegan again.


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