Saturday, July 9, 2011


Last night was wonderful.

Vintage antique shopping followed by some much needed girl time with my girl, N. N decided to use up the last bit of her chicken for the dinner (great idea) and finish the batch of baby potatoes (greater idea !). N cooking? This means one thing: high anticipation for all involved.

Great conversations, yummy nibbles (thanks to my guacamole and N's fabulous onion marinade chicken and potatoes) and fabulous company.

Sounds like a friggin' good night to me, no?

Exercise / Training

Running has been going extremely well. I have seen a lot of progress in stamina and endurance. I'm trying my best to incorporate weight training in my regime as well to strengthen all of the major muscle groups (especially the legs and back/arms).
This will improve my performance immensely.

I ran from monday to wednesday, did a cross fit exercise (cycling) on thursday and had a full rest yesterday. Back to running today. I'm thinking about a long and moderate run for the evening after work. (Moderate meaning keeping my heart rate at 164-178).

I'm also VERY excited to use this audio coaching program my friend, Jon, sent me the other day. I love that I found him on twitter and kept pestering him with questions. :P
It paid off in the end and he's provided me with a great deal of knowledge/information about running. Thanks Jon!


  1. I cant quite recall which recipe we were contimplating but you need to post it! Also loving the ridiculous tuft of hair sticking out of my head always haha.
    Teabags next time perhaps?
    Not nearly as good as steeped.


  2. Haha, you said it, my sweet-tea. Hahahaha.