Saturday, July 30, 2011


A good runner will take care of her wounds, nay- will get ahead and prevent these injuries from happening.

I got a blood blister on Thursday. It was horrific. Big, bubbly and blood red. Tell me why I didn't even see this coming? I don't know.

I'm going to guess this happened because of my socks. And my worn out shoes.

On my quest to getting fit / healthy / athletic picture. Jul 30, 2011. (Yeah, I'm a dork. :P )

Reminder to self: Get new shoes (Go to NIKE!). Look up Sugoi Apparel in Vancouver for socks and sports bra.

My training program starts in August; It's a 18 week long program. I've tweaked the original Tom Holland's program to adjust to my fitness level. Lengthened the miles and added more core workouts (to strengthen my abs and lower back for better running form/gait/endurance).

Quitting ALL negative habits starting august 1st. I'd stop this weekend but this weekend is very important to me and my best friend. Birthday bash all weekend so over indulgence may be required.



  1. Looking good booboo, some indulgence is necessary in life. Looking forward to hearing how the fitness/ quiting regime continues

  2. Have you ever seen this movie? It's a little cheesy beccause it's so dated, but my coach used to make us watch it on our way to competitions because he found it so inspiring. It's about the first Nikes, and the guy who ran in them.

  3. No but I'm going to download it! Thank you for the recommendation!