Friday, August 19, 2011


Went for an awesome run yesterday at 6:30 with a fellow runner. It was exciting and quite different running with an experienced runner; knowing he was willing to provide the knowledge that I needed to improve my running was incredibly helpful.

Now that I have a better idea how to fix my form and improve my cadence, I'm a bit more confident and more eager than ever about my future runs. Seriously can't wait for tomorrow's early morning 3 miles.

God, I am loving life.

Meeting new people, the things that are popping up in different segments of time, there is comfort in that. Comfort that's undeniably tenable.
Passion brings people together.

There's infinite comfort in that.

Like comfort in cotton candy (moustaches). 

Loving this: Listen to the whole thing. Definitely a Friday tune. 

Not Loving This: The balls of my feet are cracking and it's starting to hurt. My feet have gone from slightly normal to Sahara Desert. Gross.

Question: What are your favourite things to do on the weekends? And what are YOU all doing this weekend?

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