Wednesday, August 31, 2011


There's absolutely something so delicious about going to bed exhausted.

How many times have I fallen asleep, tired and spent? Hardly ever anymore except for last night.

Did the Grouse Grind yesterday morning. It was NOT what I was expecting at all. It just got progressively worse and as I reached the 3/4 mark, I felt dread.
"Really? When am I there!?"
I pushed myself forward, tried to only take 30 second breaks after every 10 minutes.
'You can do this. YOU. YOU can do it. Why? Because you're AWESOME and so possible.'
Repeat this your head.
Repeat this in your head.
It worked for me.

The time that I finished was 58 minutes. Not too shabby for a first timer. The time doesn't matter to me though; What really 'counts' is the fact that I finished in one piece, haha.


  1. That's SUCH a good time. My best time is 56 minutes and that was last year! bah, i'm so bad now.


  2. Bahaha, it was dread going up the 3/4 mark. Seriously contemplated on rolling down the mountain to relieve myself of the pain. HAHA

    Thanks for reading, will post something delicious tomorrow.