Friday, September 2, 2011

Find me a way

So many words and so much time.

Firstly, I really am beginning to believe the grouse grind has put a toll on my body and mind. I did take a rest day yesterday after wednesday's run (which was horrible, by the way). Today, I slept in. Got up at 7:00.

Yeah, sadly, that's what sleeping in is for me.

Usually, I wake up at five in the morning. Most of the time, in those long grey minutes of the pre-sunset quiet, I plan my day and think about the good feelings that will follow after my run. 

This morning was different. My alarm woke me up at 5:15. Turned it off, turned over and went right back to bed. Exhaustion.

And now I'm really kicking myself for it since today will be a full and busy day. How am I supposed to squeeze in a run ?! (I HAVE to run today, tomorrow and sunday) 

Maybe I'll cut work short and run before my dinner tonight. 

Secondly, there has been certain changes in my life as of late. Other than a job opportunity that I have seized, I've been feeling rather...refreshed.

Let's just note that everything's refreshingly free of pretensions in which a lot of people  will inevitably entrap themselves.

It's about time I sat up and took notice, even if it's a fantasy that'll only stay in my head.

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