Friday, May 13, 2011

Center and Central

I am back. Sorry about that little blog hiccup. We've been busy with the outside world in New York City (and it's huge, as you all know).

This will be a short post because I am at the brink of cranky sleepiness where my body won't sleep but my mind wants to shut down.

The looming idea of going home brings up several questions in my head:
a) What will I do about my job situation when I go back home?
b) Should I just prolong my stay here longer as my mom offered to do so?
c) How will I start getting back in shape with my half-marathon training?
d) How in God's name am I going to bring back a 3 box load of new clothes from NYC without paying ridiculous amount of fees?
e) Can someone answer all my questions? My brain hurts right now.

After some humming, cocking of the head and the pursing of the lips, I decided to let these questions go for another time (in three days, perhaps) and just focus on tomorrow's events.

So tomorrow's short yet delicious itinerary:
- Wake up, do stretches/crunches (I haven't done them except ONCE on this trip, god help me)
- Breakfast, makeup
- Remind myself to not get so excited about Shake Shack's burgers for lunch
- Go to the MET
- Catch the train and celebrate cousin's birthday

To my slight embarrassment, I've spent nearly all my money in New York City. Museums, food, gifts and clothes.

Oh Gods, the clothes. I have bought many tasteful AND stylish outfits consisting of elegant Kenneth Cole dresses, heels and flats, a lot of sheer and shapeless shirts that I can accessorize, gold jewelry and some other embellished things I forgot about.

My head is killing me. The squinting of the eyes while I try to retrace all the things that I purchased is painful.

Good night.


  1. I'm sure you know already but a lot of museums only suggest prices, including the MET... Don't get tricked into paying more than you're willing

  2. Come home!
    Split clothes among the three of you (maybe leave some old stuff behind)
    A job will come in time
    Marathon training starts Day 1 back in Vancouver with N

  3. I paid $1.00 for the MET today. Bahaha, the clever tricks and secrets of a New Yorker. ;)