Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy returns

Three more days until my return to Vancouver.

I can't wait to be surrounded by my beautiful friends and have a glittering night of martinis and an adventure out on the town.

Being on vacation is wonderful but I do miss a little bit of home.

I can't wait to get all dirty with paint when I arrive. Attending all these exhibitions and staring and admiring all these paintings has inspired me to create art of my own again.
It's about time I lift that brush up and paint something again. Inspired a little bit by Mondrian, Matisse and even de Kooning, I'm going to try to make something with more cubism, a bit of texture and grit and simpler shapes.That kind of talent is only a fantasy that may just stay only in my head but I'm going to try my damn best.

Besides, if these paintings are a success, maybe I'll gift them to some special people for their birthdays (wink).

I'm off to cut some cake and eat it too.

And thank you so much to all the readers who read these entries!

I'm going to steal a turtle from Central Park and name it "Shells"
I'm kidding about the stealing part but I really want a pet.

I literally stalked these two down 5th avenue to get a picture of them. Finally stopped them and asked them for a picture. 


Lincoln Center. Doo-dee-doo.

Juilliard. So pretty.

On our way to the MET museum and saw this. 

So happy, so happy. 

Loving this: My new glossy Paris edition of Vogue. Kate Moss is on the cover and I've resisted ripping the pages and laminating them on a poster board for my wall. Oh, I love her.

Not loving this: Silly me, I paid $15 for my Vogue magazine. Addicts! *sigh*

Not loving this 2: I'm dreading turning my phone on when I get home. Probably about 100+ emails/messages I'll have to delete. I'm not boasting or anything; I had to go through the same painful endeavour when I got home from France. There was so much junk mail and messages that it took me about 20-35 minutes to get rid of on my blackberry. Pain.

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  1. Love the painting idea! Texturing would be a new fun element to incorporate. I know some special lady would love a birthday painting :)

    Wishing I could have seen the blues brothers lookalikes in person </3