Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My last New York minute

Being on this trip has made me realize I'm a West coast girl through and through. Even if that's the case, I still love being on the East side of things.  I loved almost everything about New York City, even their tacky I love NYC t-shirts. But I may not be ready yet to brave the filth and the chaos to live their permanently. Not yet anyways.

Let me name the things I love and know about NYC:

1) Carrie Bradshaw. Sex and the City. Cosmos. Shoes.

2) New York City is the mecca of the fashion industry of North America.

3) The parents here are incredibly attractive.

4) The subway station. Although it is dirty and a little bit confusing (I find Paris's transportation system easier), you can take the subway to any district you want. You name it, Central Park, mitown Manhattan, Uptown, Downtown, Chelsea, Brooklyn, the Bronx.

5) Scott Schuman on Canal St. The Sartorialist. Enough said.

6) New York City is a foodie's heaven.

7) You can never be bored in New York City. The fact that there is so much culture in one small island is mind boggling. The multicultural population, the museums, historical monuments, the buildings, different ethnic restaurants.

8) A city made for walking. You can walk anywhere and the different districts/neighbourhood are accessible by foot. I love that.

9) The pizza in NYC is amazing. I haven't tasted pizza better than the ones I had in NYC in Vancouver.

Things to look forward to this week back home:

1) Catching up with friends this week. Martinis/chatter galore.

2) Unpacking my beautiful clothes and arranging them in my closet. Oh, that is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!! (Not sarcastic at all)

3) Paying off at least 2/3 of my debts this week. (Mostly shopping debts...heh...heh)

4) Loving the fact that I won't be spending too much money on drinks this week. Why? Because my tolerance has declined by 80%. I had two beers in New York and I was reaching my tipsy happy moment.

5) Getting back on track with my running. Tomorrow, I plan to get up and do a nice brisk run on the seawall. My body is not excited but my mind is.

6) Starting a new painting project. Hurrah to that!

Things I'm dreading this week:

1) Nervous that I won't be able to finish my running route tomorrow.

2) Job hunting. I haven't done that in so long...I don't even know where to start. Where to look, even. If anyone knows about any places looking in Vancouver, let me know. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Have a good night and a beautiful week, you little Vancouverites.



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