Thursday, May 19, 2011

My happy returns

9:36 update:

AWESOME run with sister this morning. I still keep having this notion that my hour run isn't enough and I have to get that out of my head. This "not enough" idea is not productive and will probably make me stress my body out like I have done before.

Anyways, after the run, had a power green smoothie. Next time, I'll make sure to capture the beauty of my green smoothie on camera.


My run yesterday went better than I would have forecasted. I ran/walked/jogged for an hour and hopefully this means I can get myself motivated for today's run as well. Getting my head back in the game!

I'm dragging my sister out of bed to join me today for the hour workout. I just hope it will go well.

In other news:

I'm feeling hopeful about the job hunt. Applying to a couple of places today. Let's pray that I'll charm the hell out of the employers.

I have nothing else more interesting to say at the moment. I'll post more as soon as I'm done my run and when the caffeine has kicked in.

Loving this: The thumbs up I got from an extremely good looking man yesterday while I was finishing my run.

Not loving this: Job hunting. But who likes it, really?

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