Monday, May 23, 2011

My big sigh

Forget about procrastination. This is more than just procrastination; It's too further down and revolting to be procrastination.

Yes, yes, it's been a week since I've been back and I haven't really been accomplishing that much aside from the immaculate cleaning job I've done to my apartment.

My thoughts regarding this blog (or lack there of) have been limited due to the busy life I lead. Well, no, I've just been lazy... And I haven't been able to find words or any topics I can elucidate on.

Tomorrow, I think I'll make delicious tortillas for lunch. Use up some of the tomatoes, peppers, tofu and avocado I have sitting in my fridge. (Look forward to the recipe/photos tomorrow!)

As for running...I'm going to go do some research at the library tomorrow for my marathon training program after my plans in the morning/afternoon. Busy, busy day tomorrow.

I am in LOVE with Paris. I need to go back this year.

Loving this: The huge discount happening at the vintage store, True Value Vintage (Robson and Granville). You can shove anything into one of their bags they provide you with and you can purchase the contents of the bag for a total of 20 dollars. No joke. Seriously, go nuts, kids. 20 dollars of shoes, bags, dresses, bottoms, accessories... you know the rest.

Loving this 2: Amazon. I just ordered a book for 1/3 of the retail/original price. Oh. Amazon.

Loving this 3: You may just go ahead and assume that the said book that I ordered is about the marathon. (Obsessed, I tell you!)

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