Friday, June 10, 2011


I received a bunch of emails yesterday from the admission officer from one of my schools that I chose, notifying me I got into my second choice for a program. Seeing that this was my second choice and I already got into my other backup program for school...I'm having a very hard time deciding.

To put it shortly, the two programs I need to decided between are vastly different.

Business or medicine.


I've already reserved my seat in the medical program just in case I change my mind about business school and now...I'm just having, umpteen thoughts about school. This is my life.

It comes down to one program and I don't know anymore.

I'm just going to breathe, look things over, research for a couple of hours and decide. Maybe making a list of pro's and con's should help...?

Anyone ever this indecisive about their life? Suggestions on how to decide? Maybe I should just do rock paper scissors.

Sound good?


Loving this: My new marathon book came in the mail. BOOYAH.

Loving this 2: I kind of have a big crush on Brendan Brazier. Ironman Triathlete sexy vegan.

Not loving this: My brain, right at this moment.


  1. Liking the new format <3
    Executive decision time. Make one and run with it. Good luck


  2. You like? :)
    It's cleaner and makes it more appealing to read ;)

    Love you!