Saturday, June 25, 2011

Run, girl, Run!


My run/walk/jog was 6.56 miles. For the first time, I ventured off into Stanley Park. I turned around after 30 minutes in and turned back to jog back to the Cambie Bridge. Jogged at probably at 6.0 pace for 20 more minutes and walked back home. Limped / waddled back because my blisters were baaaad. 3 blisters bad.

I was starving when I got home so I made myself a huge dinner. Yes, HUGE. Volume eating at its best.

Quinoa with veggies/veggie meat and caramelized onions. YUM.

I was full after my quinoa dish but still ate this cucumber/red pepper salad with non-fat Italian dressing. Flax seeds too. 

I'm off to bed. Running again tomorrow morning at 6 hopefully.

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