Saturday, August 13, 2011

Feel good, look good

Joe Fresh

Love it fresh and am currently oohing and ahhing at their active wear. Limited as it is, I did find some cute things there yesterday. Comfortable, cute and cheap.  3 C's I like.
I don't know about the wicking away moisture factor as most of their clothes are mostly made of cotton.


Did a very comfortable 2.05 miles in 20 minutes (9:45 pace). I'm going to aim for a slower pace for my long run tomorrow.
I feel myself getting stronger.

Loving this: My spending spree yesterday. I'm not always the smartest shopper, more of an impulse buyer. But when I walked into Aritzia and saw that the shirt I've been eyeing for a month was on sale for 50%, of course I snagged it. Those girls who work there are so PUSHY though. Vultures, I tell ya.

Loving this 2: It turns out, and much to my surprise and joy, that I have READERS (other than my friends, haha). Was a shock when I got a comment yesterday from a fellow runner. Thanks for reading, K, and to everyone else who take the time out of their day to read my blog.

Not loving this: I spent $100.00 on a leather planner that I probably don't really need. Returning it tomorrow. Yeah, yeah. Grumble grumble.