Thursday, August 11, 2011

Smile, if you're in pain!


Woke up with a jolt at 6:00, admired my workout outfit for a few minutes, drank a glass of water and 30 minutes later, headed out the door.

Even one day of rest seems too long but this is probably the beginner's high and exuberance. But I'm hoping this feeling will last forever.

Did 2.3 miles from the Cambie bridge to English Bay. The first mile was a bit faster than I intended (probably from being so pumped to run) and then the second mile proved to be slightly difficult. Had to push myself more today. I don't know if it was the faster mile, the fact that I didn't eat before my run, or maybe even dehydration?

Anyways, will work on the slower start time.

Off to work. Have a beautiful day.

Loving this: Did you KNOW that some runners drink flat or fizzy soda (like coke) for fluid replenishment? It may sound like junk but supposedly, some runners do this (including Hal Higdon, Runner's World writer/long time marathoner) for immediate absorption before it reaches the kidneys.
"Forget nutrition -- what you need in the final countdown is something sweet, instant energy that will go straight to your muscles..." (Marathon, Hal Higdon)


  1. a lot of athlete's do that but don't fall into that trap. I'm a runner too, about 10km's a day 5-6 days a week. all your body needs is sugar. which you can get from natural sources like fruit. which is way better for you and easily digestible. Check out the thrive program by Brendan Brazier. He's like my vegan god. I take a lot of his products. his whole health optimizer is amazing and so is the sport optimizer before workouts. provides energy and mental clarity without refined sugar. PLUS my new fave superfood is Chlorella (i take chloressence by sequal naturals) provides energy, detoxifies the blood, and increases the regeneration of damaged cells thereby making recovery time a lot less. PS also helps hangovers! Happy Running!

  2. Who are you and why are you so awesome? Haha, thanks for the comment. I actually am quite aware of Brendan Brazier and am looking forward to reading his book, The Thrive DIet.

    I don't intend to drink coke (I'm trying to cut pop out of my life as wel :P ) and start incorporating soda water/juice instead.

    Thank you again!


  3. CHLORELLA...sounds.....pretty it like a gel...? Where would I get that.....

  4. LOL i can't figure out how to use my hotmail to comment, but you can email me Hi i'm krystle!!! vegan and a runner! lol
    its a whole food supplement in pill form. ChlorEssence is a vegan one cuz its not a gel capsule. SO happy you're getting pop out of ur diet, its liquid evil. although....i'm not perfect, i drink it if i'm severely hung over. lol
    ps i JUST found out there's sodium in club soda! wtf

  5. PPS i'm doing my first half marathon this October in Victoria!!! Eeeeekkkk

  6. Hahaha, I'm not really concerned with sodium as that is vital for recovery and such...
    I drink diet coke and aspartame isn't the healthiest thing out there so that's why I'm cutting it out. Been going strong since first day of training (aug 1st) !

    Where can I get the Chloressence pill? I'm going to research some more about this...

    PS. I post a lot of vegan diets as well if you're interested.

    PPS. Have you ever tried the green smoothies I've mentioned in my previous posts?

  7. I meant to write vegan recipes. :P

  8. you can get ChlorEssence from any vitamin store and probs at Whole Foods or Capers. Its by Sequal Naturals.
    LOVE your recipes, nice easy to make nutritious food. i cook A LOT. like a lot. a cookbook is in my future i predict. lol
    i haven't tried your green smoothie but i make my own! make my own green juice and blend er up! LOVE living foods. :)

  9. I'll post more vegan recipes when I have time. I've been DYING to make the chickpea/coconut stir fry by Brendan Brazier. Just need to buy coconut milk / coconut oil and some ...chickpeas.. HAHA.

    Anyways, I'll check ChlorEssence out later. I want to get Brazier's protein smoothie mixes first. :D

  10. Hopefully your blog will pop up soon. I'd love it if we could exchange recipes. :D