Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Onto smaller and smarter steps


Logged for today: 4.47 miles in 44 minutes / 9:50 pace.

Did something new today which was something called Fartlek. I've heard of this Swedish term before but didn't think I would use this training technique in my schedule.
You speed up, then about 30 seconds in, you increase your steps, resulting in a much faster pace for another 30 seconds or so. Then you progress back into your 'normal' pace for a little while, just before you hit your comfort level and go again. Repeat.

J and I did this 5 times and I could tell my body was feeling discomfort. Not to the point of mental/physical pain but it was TOUGH.

Knowing that someone is right there beside you, waiting to encourage you and keep you going. There's ease in that and it's just so motivating. I'm fortunate to have met passionate people on this journey so soon. The journey continues...

Feel more at easy with my pace and my running form/gait.

The short period of comfortable silence with my own shallow breath and the drip of my sweat down my spine and in between my breasts. The soft patter of many footsteps and the brush of the breeze.

Wish I could show you how it feels. Wish everyone ran and knew this feeling.

Anyways... Over all, this was, again, one of my favourite runs. It just keeps getting better and better.

For every run I do, I gain more confidence and the sight of my goals, motivation and passion becomes more apparent, more clearly pronounced.

And also, I feel..... somewhat different these days. Happy, calm, giddy, emotional. Stable.

There is constant shift in movement, emotions and thoughts.

Blah. I'm done blabbing.

Loving this: My post - run breakfast. Twas excellent, indeed.

Fig jam, toast, orange, and green smoothie (spinach, almond milk and blueberries). What. Up. 

Not loving this: I still haven't showered... This explains one thing: I like bathing in my own nature.


  1. Yeah yeah don't wash off them pheromones

  2. awesome!!! good work M. love it. i feel the same way. and good pace too. can't wait till we run together and chat about our passions! and by passions i mean food! lol'

  3. I'll email you back, I did receive your email. Food and athletic men, K. Food and athletic men. Hahaha.

    Thanks for reading :)